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Work Experience

Our new work experience programme is the perfect way to gain professional insight and experience into the digital retail world. It provides you with first-hand experience into learning about your interests and making career decisions with confidence! You’ll be able to develop key workplace skills whilst gaining valuable experience to add to your CV.

What is the work experience programme?

Our work experience programme is designed to help you get the most out of your time with us by setting clear goals, shadowing work tasks and gaining hints and tips that support your employability for the future, all whilst learning from supervisors who will guide you throughout.

What does work experience look like at N Brown?

We offer up to 2 weeks of unpaid work experience in a maximum of 2 divisions you are interested in:

  • Brand and Creative

  • Customer Operations

  • Digital Technology

  • Finance

  • Financial Services

  • Logistics

  • People

  • Product, Trading and E-commerce

If you’re looking for work experience outside of these dates then please email​

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Alternatively, you can send your enquiries to​

Please note, our work experience is office/warehouse based and will depend on the Covid guidance at the time.