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Our sublime Logistics function, ensuring that everything happens, and everything keeps on moving. Well and truly the definition of ‘keeping the ball rolling’, without Logistics we wouldn’t be able to reach the customer with our fantastic products! A multi-functional logistics operation, this business area oversees numerous stages of the product journey, liaising with the buying, design and other product teams on sizing, fit and quality, as well as ensuring orders are delivered on time. To name a few, our logistics teams include: 

  • Logistics Operations 

  • Warehouse Operative 

  • Logistics Imports 

  • Shipping 

  • Delivery  

  • Drivers 

  • Engineering  

Here at N Brown, our Logistics are well and truly motivated by pace. Constantly improving and adapting their function to the ever-changing world of retail, we wouldn’t be able to do without our crucial Logistics function. See our latest vacancies in Logistics today!