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We know that life throws all sorts at us – good and not so good at times – so we’ve summarised some of our people policies which may be important to you when choosing to work with us.

Sick leave

Sick leave varies across our divisions and is also based on the band your role is. As a minimum, you'll be entitled to 13 weeks of full pay per year for Bands 1-3, rising to 26 weeks for Bands 4 and 5.

Flexible working

In addition to hybrid working, you can apply to work flexibly, which includes part time or job share. We’ll consider each application on a case by case basis, with the only criteria being that you’re employed by N Brown and haven’t already submitted more than one flexible working request in the last 12 months.

Maternity and adoption leave 

At N Brown, you will receive your full basic pay for the first 12 weeks, followed by 4 weeks at 90% pay. Then if you qualify, you’ll receive 23 weeks at the lower rate of Statutory Maternity/Adoption Pay (‘SMP’/’SAP’) or 90% of weekly earnings if this is less than SMP/SAP. This is an enhancement to the statutory provision, which is currently 6 weeks at 90% of your average weekly earnings, followed by 33 weeks at the lower rate. To qualify for statutory maternity or adoption pay you must have been employed with us for at least 26 weeks in the Qualifying week (the 15th week before your baby is due or the week you’re notified you’ve been matched with a child for adoption).

Paternity leave

Once you've been working with us for 26 weeks or more, you can take up to two weeks' paternity leave at full pay. This is an enhancement of the statutory provision, which is 2 weeks at the lower rate or 90% of your weekly earnings, if this is less than the lower rate.

Shared parental leave (‘SPL’)

SPL is a form of leave that may be available to parents following the birth or placement of a child. It gives both parents/partners the flexibility to decide how to share the care of their child in the first year following birth or placement. Assuming both parents/partners are eligible, they’ll be able to choose how to split the available leave between them and can decide to be off work at the same time or at different times. Depending on how and when you choose to take shared parental leave, you may also be eligible to receive statutory shared parental pay (SHPP).

Life assurance

Life assurance provides financial support to your loved ones if you were to pass during your employment with us. Whilst it isn’t something we like to think about, making sure our families are financially supported when we’re gone can help to ease the burden at what will already be a very difficult time. As a minimum, the cover is 2 x your annual salary, this increases to 5 x your annual salary if you’re a member of the pension scheme. This benefit is paid to your beneficiaries, tax-free.

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