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Learning & Development

Learn, Develop & Grow

Here at N Brown, we understand that learning is power and development is key. We know that everyone is different and will learn in different ways; we want to make sure that our colleagues feel supported to be the best they can be in our business. We are passionate about the ongoing growth and development of all our people, so we have a dedicated Learning and Development team who are here to support you from the very beginning at your induction and ongoing throughout your career.

We strongly believe that learning never stops! We offer a range of development opportunities where you can navigate your own path, seize new opportunities and create your own career. You will receive regular training to be able to perform your duties safely and effectively with an aim of enriching your life, both personally and professionally. We deliver formal leadership development programmes, offer one to one coaching and support team development too.

We strive to foster a learning culture that uses fun, engaging and experiential activities with a clear link to driving business performance and personal development. We are here with you every step of the way! #ProudToBeNBrown

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